Last Revised: June 15, 2010


In KNK Studio:

Three Things to Know First:

  • SVG images export flipped (vertically) from KNK Studio, so it's necessary to flip the image before exporting to SVG.
  • Pieces need to be pulled apart before exporting.
  • Pieces of the same colour should be placed near each other because SVG does not retain the colours when opened in SCAL (everything is black).
  1. Make sure all objects are ungrouped and fill is on.
  2. Make a copy of your final artwork and place somewhere in your sign blank so that the SCAL user will have a reference of what the file will look like (see example below).
  3. Separate the second copy of your final artwork with pieces of the same colour placed near each other.

NOTE: Do NOT resize any pieces!



  1. Remove any notes and bitmap images (such as logos and signatures), these will not survive the export to SVG.
  2. Marquee select all objects.
  3. Click on the Vertical Mirror button .


Flip SVG

Now Export to an SVG file:

  1. Click on File > Export
  2. Change the Save as Type to Scalable Vector Graphics (*SVG)

Click here to see how to convert SVG to SCAL