Last Revised: June 28, 2010



In KNK Studio:

  1. Open the File
  2. Click on File > Export
  3. Select Adobe Illustrator (*AI) in the Save as Type box
  4. Name your file and click on the Export button

In FunTime /Pazzle Inspiration:

  1. Click on File > New, define you paper size
  2. Click on File > Import
  3. Select EPS, Ai from the Import Pop-up
  4. Select the file you just saved
  5. Click on the Vector button when the Pop-up window comes up:


  6. All your pieces will be grouped together.
    Click on the Group and then click on
    Shape > Break Group
  7. Click on File > Save As
  8. Select WPC version12 (Not WPC-14)