Last Revised: June 16, 2010

GSD to KNK- Method 1 (best Quality) ***Detail View***


In RoboMaster ver 2.40:

  1. If your file has multiple colours, cluster the pieces by colour. Sample:

  2. Click on File > Output Settings
  3. Change the printer to Adobe PDF on Desktop
  4. Click on the Print Settings tab (see below)
  1. Put a Check in the box for Print Cut Lines
  2. Click on the Output to Printer button
  3. Click OK in the Output to Printer window
KNK Studio

In KNK Studio:

  1. Click on File > Import
  2. Select Encapsulated PostScript (*EPS) in the Files of Type box
  3. Select the file you just saved
  4. Your cursor will be a Corner icon, allowing you position the top-left corner of the imported file any where on your workspace. Click your left mouse button to place.
  5. An EPS Options pop-up window will appear, select Use PDF import filter (Recommended), then click OK.
EPS Options
A second pop-up window-PDF Import Options will appear, just keep all the default settings and click OK.
  1. Click on File > Save As
  2. Save as a Klic-N-Kut Drawing (*KNK)