Last Revised: June 28, 2010



In Inkscape:

  1. Marquee Select all objects, click on Path > Object to Path

  2. Click on File > Save As

  3. Change the the Save As File type to Desktop Cutting Plotter (*DXF):

  4. Name your file and click Save

In FunTime /Pazzle Inspiration:

  1. Click on File > New, define you paper size

  2. Click on File > Import

  3. Select DXF from the Import Pop-up

  4. Select the file you just saved

  5. Your file will be quite large and all pieces will be selected. Just resize to fit your page layout.

  6. Make sure you still have the group selected, click on Shape > Break Group

  7. Click on File > Save As

  8. Select WPC version12 (Not WPC-14)



To Recolour objects:

Since imported DXF files come in with all the pieces with the same fill and line colour, you may want to recolour each piece. Here's how:

  1. If your Color Palette is not shown, then click on View > Color Palette:
    colour palette

  2. Select all the pieces to be the same colour

  3. Left Click on a colour in your Colour Palette to change the fill colour.

  4. Right-Click on a colour in your Colour Palette to change the line colour

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all pieces.