Last Revised: June 15, 2010


In KNK Studio:

  1. Click on File > Import
  2. Select Encapsulated PostScript (*EPS) in the Files of Type box
  3. Select your EPS file
  4. Your cursor will be a Corner icon, allowing you position the top-left corner of the imported file any where on your workspace. Click your left mouse button to place.
  5. An EPS Options pop-up window will appear, select Use PDF import filter (Recommended), then click OK.
EPS Options
A second pop-up window-PDF Import Options will appear, just keep all the default settings and click OK.
  1. Marquee select all objects
  2. Click Arrange
  3. Click Convert to
  4. Select PolyArc

Now Reduce the number of nodes:

  1. Make sure all objects are still selected
  2. Click on Arrange
  3. Click on Reduce Nodes (Allowable error .006 works well)
  4. Click on File > Save As
  5. Save as a Klic-N-Kut Drawing (*KNK)